Children's Dentistry

At Northland Dental, we offer a warm and caring environment where families can turn for gentle children’s dentistry. Children’s dentistry at our Moorhead, MN dental office includes the services kids need at each stage of life. We love giving toddlers their first tour of a dental office as much as we enjoy treating older kids who become like part of our family. 

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Dr. Andrew Atchison likes to see kids starting at age three because a lot is happening with their oral health at this age, even though it may not seem like it! 

What happens with your child’s oral health now and how we care for their teeth can positively affect them for life. By age three, your child should have all of their baby teeth, and our goal is to keep them healthy until permanent teeth come in. 

Unless you have a specific concern, we like to give kids a little time during their first dental visit to adjust to new faces and an unusual environment. As an experienced children’s dentist—and father of two—Dr. Atchison understands kids’ unique needs and provides gentle guidance and reassurance to put them at ease.

Why It’s Important to Protect Baby Teeth

Baby teeth play a crucial role in your child’s oral development. Yes, they eventually come out, but until they do, they hold space in your child’s jaw that allows adult teeth to erupt in a straight position.

If a baby tooth is lost before its time, adjacent teeth tend to drift into the opening, potentially causing crooked teeth and other long-term oral health problems. 

Preventing Childhood Cavities

Parents are often surprised to hear that cavities or caries are the most common childhood disease. Fortunately, they are also highly preventable! Bringing your child to our Moorhead dental office for six-month checkups and cleanings is the best insurance you have against cavities. 

During these appointments, we encourage you to ask for any guidance you need, including oral hygiene tips and nutrition counseling.

Our children’s dentist in Moorhead, MN may also recommend: 

  • Fluoride applications: Fluoride helps keeps teeth strong and healthy to avoid cavities and help repair themselves if a cavity does develop. 
  • Dental sealants: Teeth like molars that have rough and uneven surfaces are a magnet for food particles and cavity-causing bacteria. By placing a thin coating of plastic called a dental sealant on these teeth, we create a barrier that helps seal out cavities.
  • Custom mouthguards: Children who participate in any sports activity should wear a protective mouthguard. A custom-made guard is best because it conforms comfortably to your child’s teeth and provides greater protection than generic sports guards.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Appointment

We would love to welcome you to Northland Dental and show you why so many parents trust us for children’s dentistry in Moorhead, MN. Please call us at (218) 236-7076 to schedule your child’s next dental exam and teeth cleaning.